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Investment highlights

Why Invest In China?
China’s GDP is growing at an exceptional rate. Its GDP growth in 2007 was 11.9%. with similar expectations for 2008. Not withstanding the world economic slowdown, current predictions are that China’s GDP growth in 2009 will continue to be at least 8-9%.
China’s GDP totalled US$3.2 trillion in 2007. Based on 2007 GDP figures, China’s economy is now the fourth-largest in the world (behind only the United States, Japan and Germany). China’s industrial production increased at 15.2% per annum in 2007.
China's integration into the world economy has been astonishingly rapid since it adopted the "Four Modernizations" (agriculture, industry, science and technology, and defence) a generation ago. China's share of world economic output has grown from 3.75% in 2000 to approximately 6% in 2007.
China’s admission into the World Trade Organization in late 2001 accelerated that growth. The World Bank now estimates that exports in 2006 represented a quarter of China's GDP, five times the level of 1978. In addition to its high level of exports, China is now also consuming and importing at a rapid pace. In 2007 it was the world's biggest consumer and aluminium.
China's economic transformation has helped to create a large middle class with more disposable income and, significantly for Treyo, an increased appetite for leisure and recreational products.

Why Invest In Treyo?
Matsuoka has a proven track record as a successful and profitable manufacturer of automatic mahjong tables.
Matsuoka’s competitive strengths are:
· its strong market presence – in 2007 it acheived approximately 65% of the premium end of the domestic Chinese market for automatic mahjong tables;
· it is a market leader in a rapidly growing leisure and entertainment sector – with outstanding annual growth rates over the last five years;
· its increasing revenues and strong profitability – revenues for CY2007 were in excess of A$66 million (NPAT of A$5.7 million). Revenues for CY2008 are forecast to exceed A$78 million (NPAT of A$6.5 million);
· its ownership and operation of a modern purpose built factory with a gross floor area of approximately 75,700m2;making it the world’s largest production facility for automatic mahjong tables;
· its commitment to high quality products, innovation and customer service;
· it highly experienced and dedicated management team;
· its substantial long term commitment over many years to research and development ensuring Matsuoka maintains leadership in the premium end of the market;
· its ownership of extensive intellectual property rights. These include 45 authorised patents and 12 patent applications accepted by China’s Intellectual Property Office; as well as 25 registered trademarks and 56 applications for trademarks in China;
· accreditation with the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System certification reflecting Matsuoka’s commitment to the delivery of quality and reliable products that meet international industry standards; and
· accreditation with the ISO14001 Environment Management System certification which reflects Matsuoka’s commitment to the environment.

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