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Company Background

Treyo Leisure and Entertainment Ltd. (Treyo) was an Australia company registered in May 2008. It is the parent company of Matsuoka Mechatronics (China) Co., Limited (Matsuoka), which is a wholly foreign-owned limited liability company incorporated in the People’s Republic of China.
Matsuoka is located in the Xiaoshan national economic development zone in Hangzhou, China. The company occupys an area of over 50,000 square meters and the largest automatic mahjong machine manufacturers in the world using advanced techniques to produce complete equipment. The company is devoted to the design and production of products in the mechanical and electronic integration area. It also aims to become a world-class manufacturing group in the area of health and recreation.
One product that Matsuoka produces under the Treyo brand is automatic mahjong machines famous for excellent quality and consistent performance. After over 10 years hard work to meet different needs of customers, we now have a series of high and mid grade products: TREYO ZUN SERIES, TREYO T SERIES, TREYO ZHIZUN SERIES, TREYO 3A SERIES, TREYO AMOS SERIES, TREYO GONGXI SERIES.
Matsuoka’s motto is “Matsuoka is a big family” and Treyo also follows this concept in creating a good working and learning environment for the staff; while the company continues to keep learning and absorbing mechanical and electronically advanced technology from international first-class companies. We have introduced first-class production, process and testing equipments from America, Japan, Germany, and Danmark. We now own four high-grade product testing rooms. The MATSUOKA MACHATRONICS has also already passed the ISO 9001 and has set up a perfect quality-control system, implementing positively “six sigama, 5s, zero Defect” management. TREYO has doubled its performance in successive years as a result of steady talents, top-class quality, reasonable price, original marketing and concentrative management, making it an unquestioned leading brand of mahjong machine in China.
The company adheres to the value of being honest and committing to achieving a positive outcome for all stakeholders. We lead the industry in establishing integration of purchasing, marketing and service of a “unified joint sales service system”. We offer quality assurance and a customer service commitment to guarantee all users’ interests: TREYO Super series has 3 years’ guarantee; TREYO 3 series, TREYO AMOS series and TREYO Congratulations series have a year’s guarantee. The company has a broad distribution network throughout China, which forms “Unified joint sales service system”.

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